Ops & First Aid


Many moons ago, E-J was minding her own business when she was volunteered to guard Hex. and the habit of being volunteered to do things by one of her besties has continued until she has found herself somehow on the Concom, helping to bring some glitter and sparkle to Ops, and First Aid. 

When not being volunteered for things, she can be found tending sick animals in her role as a Registered Veterinary Nurse for a large charity, spending time in Azeroth as a Gnome Mage or hanging out with Finance and previous Concom as a founding member of #ginsquad. 

If it's early in the day, approach only if holding a chalice of coffee, which after midday should turn into gin or cider. Usually found with purple hair, adorned with ​flowers or unicorns. Or both. Probably both.