Hotel rooms

When booking opens, you will be able to request rooms at the main Convention venue, Chesford Grange, and another hotel, Woodland Grange, which is 1.6 miles from the Convention hotel.

If you wish to camp at the main venue, you can also make arrangements when booking opens. Members wanting to book alternative accommodation nearby, please make your own arrangements.

Requesting a room

When you request a room through us, you will be asked questions about the type of room you would like, how many people you want to share with, and any accessibility needs. Then you will be immediately placed on our waiting list.

Requesting a room is not a guarantee that we will be able to allocate you a suitable room.  The hotel team will allocate rooms based on the information you provide and the numbers of rooms available. 

If a room is allocated to you, you will receive an email giving you details of the room and how much it will cost, and asking you to confirm the allocation. If you do not confirm that you want the room you have been allocated, the room will be put back in the pool after 7 days, and you will be returned to the waiting list.


Rooms are priced on occupancy — how many people will be in the room allocated. Prices and facilities vary between the two venues. You will be told which venue you have been allocated to and how much the room you have been allocated will cost in the confirmation email.

Chesford Grange

  • 1 person room — £70 / night
  • 2 person room — £106 / night
  • 3 person room — £151 / night
  • 4 person room — £186 / night


  • Room with sofa bed suitable for children — £20 / night extra
  • Superior rooms including more space to move around, a refrigerator with free mineral water, bathrobes, air conditioning & luxury bed linen — £20 / night extra
  • Dog charge — £15 (see our Pet Policy for details)


Breakfast is not included in the room price for members staying at Chesford Grange. There is a charge of £10.95 per adult and £5.50 per child, per day, for breakfast buffet, including full English breakfast.

Woodland Grange

  • 1 person room — £80 / night
  • 2 person room — £105 / night
  • 3 person room — £120 / night

Please be aware that children under the age of 16 are not allowed to stay at Woodland Grange.


Breakfast is included in the room price for members staying at Woodland Grange.


The number of fully accessible rooms - that is, ground floor, with washroom or hoist, handrails, and room to manoeuvre a wheelchair or mobility scooter — is limited across both venues. We will do our best to assign these rooms to those with the most pressing need. Please make sure you indicate your accessibility needs as clearly as possible in your request.

For accessibility information on the venue and hotels, please read our accessibility guide for Chesford Grange and Woodland Grange.

Paying for your room

On confirming your room allocation, you will be asked for a valid credit card number and expiry date. If the expiry date is listed as before the date of the Convention, you will be asked to provide another closer to the event. No money will be taken at this point.

At the event, you will be asked to provide a suitable credit card by reception when you check in to your allocated hotel. Your final bill will be given to you when you check out, when you are expected to pay the balance in full.

Getting to the Convention Venue from Woodland Grange

A free shuttle bus will run twice a day from Woodland Grange to the Convention venue at Chesford Grange hotel.

Buses also run between Blackdown Crossroads near Woodland Grange and Chesford Crossroads near the convention venue, from 6.30am to just past 2am, every day except Monday (when they run until 12:30am). The bus ride takes just under 15 minutes.

If you have access to a car, the Convention venue is a 5 minute drive away and there is ample free parking available.

Walking the route can take from half an hour upwards depending on fitness and mobility. The pavements are not in the best condition.