Long Live the King!

There are many traditions1 at a Discworld Convention, and among them is the unshakeable fact that Sunday evening is when the grand Gala Dinner and its companion Alternative take place.

This year, we are delighted to announce that Their Majesty, Draco Nobilis I, wishes to celebrate their coronation with a grand banquet for all who are prepared to pay a suitable tribute.

In addition, such is our new King's generosity that a magnificent street party will be held at the same time, thus ensuring that each and every Member at the Convention may feast and make merry in honour of the new King. 

More information about both events can be found below, while the full Gala Menu can be found by following the link at the side of the page. 


1 Some are so well established that they have even occured more than once!


The Coronation Banquet

We are delighted to announce that a banquet to celebrate the King's Coronation will take place on the evening of Sunday 5th August 2018, and a limited number of spaces are available for those prepared to make a suitable tribute. 

A bribe tribute of £46 will grant the donator an invitation to the Banquet, and as a gesture of goodwill, their Majesty the King has agreed to share publicly the menu available2 on the evening, lest any potential guest fear for their safety.

So, what can guests of their Majesty expect at the Coronation Banquet? 

Well, naturally there is the sheer honour of being invited to such a prestigious and significant event among a select crowd. But in addition to this, the Banquet will consist of an exquisite three course meal in the sumptuous grounds of the Patrician's King's Palace itself, with exclusive entertainment to follow.

The set menu can be viewed here in full. Please note that all attendees must make their menu choices at the time of purchasing invitations, although a grace period to adjust those choices will extend until the 24th June.


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2 Please note that a detailed allergen matrix can be found below the Coronation Banquet menu by following the link in the sidebar.


The Treacle Mine Road Street Party


Of course, while attending a grand banquet in the presence of the King is a most wonderful experience, desireable by many, there are some who may have an odd, unaccountable wariness of such things. Doubtless this is due to awe at their Majesty's might and power, and certainly not as a result of baseless fears that their Majesty might, say, prefer to dine on the guests than with them.

Fear not! For the coronation of their Majesty the King is such a significant event that a grand Street Party has been announced, that no loyal citizen should miss their opportunity to celebrate.

Festivities shall take place along the length of Treacle Mine Road, and will encompass a wide variety of games and diversions to Delight All Ages, including face painting, balloon modelling, and much more. Attendees are both welcomed and encouraged to bring their own board or card games to liven up the party further.

In true Street Party fashion, barbecue fare such as Sausage Inna Bun will be available to sate the appetites of all celebrants. Further information about the Street Party menu will be made available soon!