To register for the Maskerade, you should:

  • Complete the Maskerade Entry Form
  • Submit the form to the Maskerade table at registration on Friday¬†
  • Bring any music you require on a USB stick in .wav format
  • Bring 3 copies of your script / stage directions

All Maskerade entries are subject to the following limits:

  • 90 seconds on stage time
  • 15 seconds before and after the act to get on and off stage

What should I keep in mind for my costume?

First of all, remember that every entry is only judged against other entries of similar experience, going by the four categories listed on the Maskerade Entry Form .

Maskerade costumes are a special case under the Weapons Policy, in that the Maskerade act and the photo call afterwards are the only times we allow anything classified as a weapon out of Ops.

Besides these points, remember that:

  • The Discworld Convention is a family event and the Maskerade audience will contain children
  • Backstage areas can be a bit tight, so large costumes may be tricky. If in doubt, please contact for more information

While we try to accommodate any Tech requirements, there is a limit to what's possible with the equipment we use. If your entry has specific Tech requirements, please contact to check if we can meet them.