Karen Shipma

Watch & Website Testing


After not shaming the gopher ancestors at the 2016 Convention (you wouldn't think it, but gopher ancestors have Strong Opinions on certain matters), 2018 will see Sessifet return as half of Watch. Whether she is the one half or the other remains to be seen.

In real life, she's in software support and consequently spends much of her time as Speaker to Customers, with a productive side-line as Dev Whisperer. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, gardening, gaming and despairing over the limited brain capacity of her cat.

Metasyntactic variables are a significant part of her communication style, as are deely-boppers.

Hers is my-that-looks-interesting-let's-try-that and if you buy her one, she'll provide an Interesting Animal fact in exchange.

NOTE: Wow factor of animals facts may decline as convention nears its close.