What is the Discworld Convention?

The Discworld Convention is a gathering of fans of Sir Terry Pratchett that happens in the UK once every two years. It is a non-profit, volunteer-run event organised by the fans themselves. Any profits made are donated to our nominated charities.

Each Convention traditionally follows a loose theme, based upon one of Sir Terry Pratchett's books. The 2018 Convention will follow the theme of Guards! Guards!, so you can expect to see a number of thematic tie-ins to the novel throughout the website and convention itself. However, there are some events which take place at every Discworld Convention - such as the Maskerade, the Play, and the Gala Dinner - and you will likely run into many fans who dress as a wide variety of characters from across the Disc.

Above all, the Convention is an opportunity to meet these other fans, and celebrate our shared love of the Discworld and its many inhabitants.




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