Can I come and visit the Convention if I don’t have a full or concessionary membership?

While we love seeing familiar faces at a DWCon, and are aware that at some of our venues in the past it’s been pretty easy to rock up to the bar for a few hours and say ‘Hi, mine’s a pint’ to old friends, there are several key differences between those venues and our current one.

Firstly, we have booked the entire venue for the duration of the Convention. The only non-members on site (other than hotel staff) will be people who’ve booked into the Spa.

Secondly, with the hotel booked to capacity, to comply with safety regulations the hotel staff need to know how many people are in the building in case of emergencies. So with regret, only paid up full and concessionary members are allowed in the venue. If you’d really like a Spa Day, however, we aren't going to stop you!

Category: Membership