Our guests

We are proud to announce the following guests have been confirmed as attending the Discworld Convention 2018. More will be announced as they are confirmed!

Rob Wilkins

Friend and business manager of Sir Terry Pratchett, and co-founder of Narrativia.

Colin Smythe

Publisher, agent, and longtime friend of Sir Terry Pratchett.

Stephen Briggs

Discworld playwright, audiobook voice actor and author.

Ian Stewart

Mathematician, writer, and co-author of the Science of Discworld Series.

Pat Harkin

DW-Auctioneer, Lecturer in Pathology, self-confessed hoarder, answerer of hard questions.

Reb Voyce & Ian Mitchell

Representing the Discworld Emporium

Daniel Knight

Representing Snowgum Films - the makers of the short fan film Troll Bridge

Diane Duane

Award Winning author and screenwriter

Peter Morwood

Author and expert on historical arms and armour

Phil Masters

Author of Role-Playing Games, Science Fiction, and Fantasy.

Bernard Pearson

Creative mind behind Clarecraft pottery and countless Discworld figurines, and friend of Sir Terry Pratchett

Ray Friesen

Cartoonist and author of many graphic novels, including Small Gods.

Mark Oshiro

Author and creator of the Mark Does Stuff universe.

Paul Kidby

Artist, sculptor and long time illustrator of Discworld including the Terry Pratchett Discworld Imaginarium

Duncan Bolton

Curator of Birdworld, home of the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament