A Most Agreeable Announcement

1 April 2018

by Jemma

In this time of political openness and transparency, we the Committee have decided that hosting a convention featuring a theme of secret societies and underhanded behaviour sets a poor example. It could, in fact, cause unreasonable distress to people. For that reason we would like to unveil a new, more wholesome Convention theme, focused on the emotional wellbeing of all Members. 

In keeping with the updated theme, we will be rearranging the Programme Events to avoid disharmony and promote cooperation. Unfortunately the Maskerade proved incompatible with the new theme, but we are sure that its replacement—an exciting opportunity to learn uplifting songs accompanied by accordion—will be a rousing and welcome success.

Additionally, we have been offered the services of Anaglypta Huggs, who has offered to provide carefully curated copies of all Discworld books which better reflect a world in which we can all aspire to live. These new editions avoid mention of upsetting matters such as violence, suggestive or poor language, and any behaviour which our carefully vetted team of advisors has deemed unsuitable. A complete collection of these works will be available from the Exchanging Money for Services and/or Items Room (formerly the potentially misleading “Dealers Room”) for a generous sum of £19.84.

We are sure all Members will appreciate these changes, and look forward to welcoming you to a positive, wholesome, and appropriate Discworld Convention.