Attention all Future Maskeraders!

5 November 2017

by Jemma

The Maskerade is always a highly anticipated event at the Convention, by both participants and spectators alike. We know that many of you put a lot of work into your entries, and do our best to facilitate them as best we can, within the limitations of the Convention itself. With that in mind, we want to ensure that everyone has all the information that they require to make sure their entry goes off without a hitch. 

The wonderful ConCom members on the Productions and Tech teams have been working hard to ensure that you have a stage to perform on, lights to illuminate you, and other very useful features such as audio and video playback. So as to assist Maskerade entrants with their preparations, we have compiled all the technical specifications below. Please bear the following details in mind when planning your Maskerade entry, as costumes will need to be able to fit through doorways and be carried on and off the stage in a timely manner! 

Green Room/Stage Access:

Prior to the Maskerade beginning, access to the Green Room will be via either a flight of steps to the rear of the Patrician's Palace, or through the Patrician's Palace itself for those who require step-free access. Please note that The Green Room is not a private space. If you need a private area in the hotel to get changed for the Maskerade, please get in touch in advance.

During the Maskerade itself, access to the stage from the Green Room will be via double doors into the stage left or stage right wings, as follows:

Stage Left:
1m wide steps with a handrail, or a manual wheelchair lift (900mm wide platform)

Stage Right:
1m wide by roughly 9m long passage to the wing area, then 1m wide steps with a handrail.

Costumes must be able to fit down this passage to allow the act to enter from one side of the stage and exit from the other (arrangements will be made for those who require use of the wheelchair lift). This gives the next act more time and space for any final preparation they need. There is wing space to make adjustments to large crinolines before going onstage. If you believe you may have any difficulty in getting your act on and/or off stage, please contact to discuss your requirements.

Stage dimensions:

The main area of the stage is 3m deep by just over 8m wide, allowing some space for the MC. Please be aware that this is smaller than in 2016.

Technical requirements:

Video/stills projection and audio playback will be available.
If you require any of these, please provide details and the files themselves before the convention to
We will be using Figure 53's QLab, please ensure your media is compatible.

If there are any moments during your act where Tech should change lighting, play audio, video or change projection, please provide an approximate script with these cues clearly marked. In order to accommodate your technical requirements as you envision them, information must be provided as early as possible.