Charity Fundraising Update

6 August 2018

by Jemma

So, after a night of much merriment and celebration, in which dragons were toasted[1] and fine foods consumed, we find ourselves in the enviable position of having even more fantastic news to share! 

The Charity Auction has long been a beloved staple of any Discworld Convention, and yesterday's incarnation was once again a rousing success.

We are delighted to announce that no more or less than £9,000 (that's nine thousand pounds exactly to the penny!) was raised by the Charity Auction itself, and that over nine and a half thousand pounds has been raised for all charitable causes so far across the Convention as a whole. 

Will there be time to get that total to a five-figure sum? We'll keep you posted at the end of the Convention with the final total!


[1]In a purely celebratory manner, naturally, and certainly not in any derogatory or *cough* inflammatory sense of the word.