Guest Announcement: Daniel Knight

17 July 2017

by Jemma

We are delighted to announce that Daniel Knight will be returning as a guest at the 2018 Discworld Convention!

Daniel Knight is a producer, actor, and collector of He-man figurines. Together with Ahren Morris, he is one half of a partnership often considered to be the “Mum and Dad of Snowgum Films”, and is known for several short films including Undead Ted, The Morning After, and Blood on the Game Dice.

Daniel started wondering if it was possible to do a Discworld movie after getting a small role in the fan film Star Wars: Broken Allegiance. He was able to get permission from Sir Terry to adapt the short story Troll Bridge into a movie, and thus started a journey which has lasted fourteen years—and counting!

The film has been funded via a Kickstarter Campaign and the direct support of other fans, and features a volunteer cast, crew, and caterer! After many revisions and countless1 hours of work, it is almost certainly going to be the largest scale short film in cinematic history.

You can find out more about Troll Bridge on the website!



1 Note: Countless for most average humans, and for trolls inhabiting warmer climes. The counting ability of other non-humans may vary considerably between individuals.