Guest Announcement: Mark Oshiro!

3 April 2018

by Jemma

We are excited to announce that Mark Oshiro will be returning to the Convention as a guest in 2018! 

Mark Oshiro is an author, and the Hugo nominated creator of the Mark Does Stuff universe, comprising of Mark Reads and Mark Watches. Diving unspoilt into both books and television shows alike, he shares reviews, reactions and ongoing analyses chapter by chapter (or episode by episode).

The initiative began with Mark Reads Twilight—a challenge to read and review the entire YA series with very little prior knowledge about it—and took off from there following the wild success of his follow-up series, Mark Reads Harry Potter. To date, Mark has read nearly 100 books for Mark Reads, and watched almost 50 television shows, reviewing each in intricate detail. 

At the time of writing, Mark has worked his way in chronological order1 through the Discworld series and is about to begin The Wee Free MenHe is also anticipating the imminent release of his debut novel Anger Is A Gift, which will release on the 22nd May and was written and edited concurrently with his Mark Does Stuff reviews.


[1] Thereby avoiding the potentially emotionally charged question of which book to begin with