Hotel Room and Credit Card Details Deadline Reminder - 1 July

1 July 2018

by Nicola Edwards

With just over a month to go until the Convention, we're now at the point where we need to send final details of who's staying where to our hotels, Chesford Grange and Woodland Grange.  

If you have a room reserved in either hotel but have now realised you cannot come to the Convention, or wish to stay somewhere else, we need to know.  If your circumstances have changed and you need a different type of room, or maybe some additional facilities, like a cot, then we need to know.  And, as explained in our last newsletter, we need to know all of this by the end of 1 July 2018.  We can't make promises, and we may not be able to accommodate all changes at this stage, but we stand a better chance if you email (and if it is because you need a cot can you also drop a line to as even the youngest of us requires a membership to attend). 

We know that some of you are already in contact with out Hotel Team.  Please continue those discussions and be assured they are factoring those into our timelines. 

There is a possibility that this post may mean some rooms come free at either Chesford Grange or Woodland Grange.  If you have previously expressed a wish in staying at either hotel you may be contacted by our Hotel Team with an offer of a room.  Please respond within the deadlines given as that gives us the best chance of filling the hotel,and that in turn helps us to meet our obligations to them and to deliver the Convention. 

For those of you not aware of our operating model, we get access to the event spaces for free on the proviso of selling the hotel rooms.

Which brings us to payments. 

When passing the details of who will be staying in each room to our partner hotels, we will also be passing the details of the credit (or debit) card used at the time you made the reservation with us.  This is all transferred in a secure and encrypted way, in line with our privacy policy.  Please could you ensure those details are up to date, as while no money will be deducted in advance of the Convention, they are required to secure your reservation. Again, we will need the up to date card details to be confirmed by the end of 1 July 2018.

Please do not send us your credit or debit card details by email.  You should update them via your membership page. 

If you have any queries about any of this, please email us at