Important News: Sales Launch Postponed

25 June 2017

by Jemma

So, who was it that said a wise Chair never counts their dragons before they hatch?

In my last message I said we'd be opening for sales in July. I gave you a date. I was sure. But then THINGS happened. Hex has had some issues and it's all gone a bit quantum. It's fair to say we've run into a couple of snags.

The crack ConCom team are ON IT and yes, snags are being ruthlessly hunted down and eliminated. But that's taking a bit of time, and some of ConCom have started muttering about needing sleep. And food.

So, in order to ensure that our sales launch goes smoothly and without any issues, we have decided to delay the opening of sales by just over one week. We will now be opening at 19:00 BST on 10th July.

Information on the way memberships and hotel bookings will work is on the website now. If you need anything else then please drop us a line at We are grateful for your understanding and support.

DWCon 2018 chair