Sales are now officially closed!

16 August 2017

by Jemma

Goodness, what a flurry this has been!

We are pleased to announce that the Discworld Convention 2018 is now officially sold out. Thank you all for your support, interest and enthusiasm, and patience while we waited on the final few Membership confirmations!

For those of you interested in the stats, after finally feeding the mouse its cheese and locating the FTB, we opened for sales at 19:30 BST on Monday 10 July. By 20:30 we had hit our soft cap of 600 memberships, meaning we had to move to the manual clearance process for the final 100. This is something we always do to make sure we don't oversell, it just doesn't normally happen that quickly. And by the time we moved to that process, we already had over 100 applications for memberships in the system, meaning that technically we sold out in under two hours.

We realise that for those of you who missed out, this will be disappointing news. We have now opened our formal waiting list, which you can register for here. Before 2016 we processed around 100 membership transfers, and at this point we have no reason to suspect we would see less ahead of next August. Life has a habit of throwing the odd curve ball, and you may benefit from that if you're on the waiting list.

For those of you who have requested a room at either Chesford Grange or Woodland Grange, we will now begin the process of room allocations and more information about how that works is available here.

And with just 352 days to go, let the plotting and scheming commence!