Short Story Competition

16 March 2018

by Nicole

Drabble Competition!!!!

This Discworld Convention 2018 we will be running a short story competition again. You are challenged to write a short story, containing a reference to law.

What is a Drabble, you might ask? Well, it’s a 100 word short story, poem, invective or whatever you want it to be, as long as you keep it to that exact 100 word limit.

How to submit:

Send your story to with the text written or pasted in the email, not as an attachment. Also include the story's title, and your membership number.

The submission deadline is midnight GMT, Sunday April 15th.


Submissions will be judged by an exquisite jury of guests, writers, ConCom representatives, and the competition organiser himself, Orjan Westin - the mind behind @MicroSFF, a hugely popular twitter account.


The top 5 submissions will be given pride of place in our Souvenir Book.

The overall winner will have their story read out at the Discworld Convention by our master of Theatre and Vetinari-inspiration Stephen Briggs.


You will be able to read and vote for your favourite of the top 5 stories at the Convention itself.

The Rules

-   Only one submission per member..
-   The story must contain a reference to law.
-   The story must be all original work of the member submitting it (so no fanfic, no quotes from songs, poems or other works not in the public domain).
-   The story must not have been previously published online or in print, and may not be published online or in print before the convention.
-   By submitting, you grant Star Turtle Ltd (the convention) the right to first UK print (in the programme book, should it be selected by the jury) of your story. You retain all copyright.

How to write a Drabble

-   Text of story, not counting title, must consist of exactly one hundred words.
-   The title of the story may be no longer than seven words
-   Hyphenated-together words count as one word, as do words contracted with an apostrophe (e.g. don't, you're etc).
-   Scene-separators (e.g. * * * ) are not counted as words.