The Significant Owl Hoots in the Night ... Secret Societies

10 July 2018

by Nicola Edwards

For every Discworld Convention since Time Immemorial, members have been assigned to a guild... or a sect... or a society. Presided over by the Monks of Cool, they can be a great way for new members to make instant friends by going along to the introductory programme events, and then taking part in games and competitions throughout the Convention with their group of new-found friends.

This time around, we need you to be Vewy Vewy Qwuiet, as we welcome you to... the Secret Societies! Shhh there at the back. Make... new, (secret) friends! Learn... complicated handshakes! Summon... Dragons?

Every member has been preassigned to one of four Secret Societies plotting to Take Over The World, and emails detailing your assignments have gone out.

We should stress that this is in no way binding - taking over the world is optional; and if you do decide to take part, you will be able to select a different Secret Society now, or join the Secret Society of your choosing at an event on the Friday of the Convention.