Weapons policy

All weapons, as well as any item which might be mistaken for a weapon or made to look like a weapon, must be brought to Operations (Ops) for inspection as soon as possible after arrival at the Convention.

The item will then be checked by Ops or the Watch who will determine if it can be peacebonded, ensuring the weapon ca be carried during the Convention but not used, or if it should be left for storage at Ops until the Maskerade and Maskerade photo shoot. There are no exceptions to this policy.

If you’re not sure what constitutes a weapon, you should bring it to Ops anyway, just to be sure. There are over 700 people in close quarters for the duration of the Convention, and you’d be amazed at the damage that one person with a scythe can cause. Well, alright, maybe you wouldn't be that surprised, but if Death turns up at the Convention, we’d like to think that he’d be thoughtful enough to check his scythe and sword in with Ops.

You may think that a weapon which will not be brought out of your hotel room does not need to be checked with Ops: this is not true. Weapons in rooms have a sneaky habit of suddenly turning up in Convention areas in the dark of night, or in places with people in various states of inebriation and awareness, or when people think the Watch aren't paying attention.

The list of weapons that will be held by Ops includes but is not limited to: functioning projectiles, any for of live steel, any weapon with moving parts, explosives or chemicals, authentic weapons, anything with a sharp edge, anything with trailing wires or items that could trip you or anyone else up. Real firearms/weapons are expressly prohibited.

Fake or prop weapons made of tissue paper, plaster of paris, cardboard, foam, plastic, etc will be acceptable as long as they pose no danger to you or anyone attending the Convention.

You may be asked to leave an item with Ops or another member of the Concom temporarily if the area you're in is full or tightly packed, or if you've spent a bit too much time in the bar *ahem*

Determination of what constitutes a weapon is at the sole discretion of The Watch and Ops. People who disregard the weapons policy may have their membership revoked and be asked to leave the Convention.

Please help us help you to have a happy and safe Convention.