Discworld Convention - Day Four!

6 August 2018

by Jemma

Ho! The Street Partying Megapode!The Megapode regrets nothing. Except perhaps the sugar high. The Megapode is certainly not still reliving the Street party, and wondering whether or not climbing on a dragon[1] was a good idea.

The Megapode is really looking forward to the Brotherhoods final item, How to Raise a Dragon. The Megapode has been hard at work observing the Megapode’s chosen brotherhood preparations for the dragon summoning ritual, and hopes the Megapode’s  brotherhood will successfully defend against the anti-dragon brotherhood. 

Once the Megapode’s brotherhood succeeds the Megapode plans on answering all the questions in all various Q&A sessions, and when the Megapode is done sharing the Megapode’s wisdom with the world, the Megapode will go watch the most wonderful play, Night Watch. 

Once Night Watch is done, alas, there is only the Closing Ceremony left. The Megapode is very excited as the Megapode has been given an official part in this ceremony, after the great success the Megapode had in the Opening Ceremony. 

Still, the Megapode is also sad, as this means the Convention is now over and the Megapode has made so many amazing new friends the Megapode doesn’t want to say goodbye to… 

Some of those friends invited the Megapode to the dead monkey party as a way of keeping the post Convention blues at bay, so the Megapode will go party and hope there are no real dead monkeys there…

[1] Admittedly it was made of cardboard and filled with sweets, but bystanders seemed to consider it a risky venture, loudly voicing their concern at the time.