Children policy

The Discworld Convention is family friendly and we welcome children.  However, to make sure they are safe we have some requirements for parents, guardians and responsible adults.

Under 18s MUST be accompanied at the Convention by an adult (specified on their membership application) who will assume legal responsibility for them for the duration of the Convention. Minors are at all times the responsibility of their nominated adult. Star Turtle Ltd assumes no responsibility for minors.

Children under 13 years old at the time of the Convention may attend free of charge but we MUST have received a valid application for them and therefore have assigned them a membership number.

Woodland Grange Hotel does not accept children under 16 on their site at any time.

Some programme items are not necessarily suitable for all children, particularly some of those scheduled for later in the evening.  This is ultimately a decision for their nominated adult. If you have any questions about individual programme items please ask a member of the Convention Committee for more information or, at the Convention, Go To Ops for advice.