Hotel policy

Hotel bookings are made via the Discworld Convention Website.  Your details are stored securely and passed to your hotel at the time of the convention in line with our data privacy policy. All amendments, queries and requests should be made via the Convention Hotel Liaison Team.

Requesting a Booking

When you request a room through us, you will be asked questions about the type of room you would like, how many people you want to share with, and any accessibility needs. Then you will be immediately placed on our waiting list.

Requesting a room is not a guarantee that one will be allocated.  The hotel team will undertake allocations based on the information provided and the numbers of rooms available. If a room is allocated to you, you will receive an email giving you details of the room and how much it will cost, and asking you to confirm the allocation.

If you do not confirm that you want the room you have been allocated, the room will be put back in the pool after 7 days, and you will be returned to the waiting list.

Cancelling your booking

Bookings made via the Convention may be cancelled with no charge up to 8 weeks before arrival. Cancellation after this time may incur charges.

Credit and debit cards

Credit or debit card details are taken to confirm booking only and no money will be charged until arrival at the hotel. Proof of payment will be requested on check-in and if paying by credit or debit card a hold may be placed on deposit amounts for settlement on check-out.

Food and Drink

Please be considerate of the Convention hotel and do not consume food and drink you have purchased elsewhere in public areas. Food and drink purchased in the Dealers Room may not be consumed on site.

The hotel rules / policies

Hotel guests may wish to read Chesford Grange's own policies or visit either Chesford Grange’s website or Woodland Grange’s website.

Please also read our Pet Policy to find out about the rules regarding animals at the Convention hotel.