Pet Policy

Whilst dogs are permitted at Chesford Grange under the circumstances listed in their Dog Policy, please be aware that Woodland Grange does not allow any dogs on site other than guide and service dogs.

The Convention Pet Policy should be read in conjunction with the the Convention hotels' own policies:

  • Guide and service dogs are allowed throughout the Convention hotel, including the restaurant and lounge. Other dogs are only allowed in public areas within the Convention hotel for access and not allowed in any restaurants.  
  • A maximum of two small dogs or one large dog are allowed in bedrooms at the Convention hotel. Dogs are not allowed in any of the Convention event spaces, with the exception of service dogs.
  • We welcome well-behaved and trained dogs, but if we feel that your dog is causing a nuisance to other guests or barking incessantly during the stay, we will ask you to leave.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your own dog. Please ensure all dog mess is immediately removed from public areas.
  • Dogs may only be left unattended in a hotel room. Dogs may not be left unattended in vehicles, tents, or public areas. Please keep in mind that bringing a dog when camping means you might have to miss out on programme items.
  • Your dog may only stay in a hotel room if the appropriate surcharge is selected at the time of booking.
  • The committee reserve the right to contact the police if they believe an animal is in distress and are unable to contact the owner.
  • To make certain that everyone will be able to enjoy themselves, and for health and safety reasons, we would like to point out that pets other than dogs are not allowed unless explicitly permitted by both the Convention and hotel policies.